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Hello! I am currently a high school senior in Princeton, New Jersey passionate in computer science and engineering. I'm currently working at Code Ninjas Hillsborough as a part-time technical lead, and am the Logistics Manager of FIRST Team 1403 Cougar Robotics.

Many of my projects revolve around the idea of full-stack web development and user interface/user experience. For front-end I use HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap. As for dynamic back-end, I use Node.JS and Express. I am also interested in developing and modding Google's AOSP (Android). I write mobile applications using Java and XML via the Android SDK, and am familiar with unlocking and rooting Android devices.

Some other interests of mine include application development in Java, cloud architecture and computing using Heroku and AWS, digital graphic design using Adobe Photoshop, and working with ARM Micro-processing, i.e. the Raspberry Pi.

Check out my current (and upcoming) projects below!

Please note that some features of this website are inaccessible in mobile view. For the best experience, please use a standard display. Thanks to GitHub Pages, Lets Encrypt!, jQuery, AOS, and many other services, this website is able to run as seamless and efficient as can be. If needed, all resources used can be found here.

Skill Set & Knowledge Base




  • March 2014 - Present

    Boy Scouts of America

    Troop 46, Mercer Area District, WCC

    The following ranks were achieved with the corresponding dates.
    · Star Scout - February 12th, 2018.
    · Life Scout - May 5th, 2019.
    · Eagle - Expected by 2020.

  • December 2016 - June 2017

    Techsters Extracurricular Course

    Assistant Student Teacher

    Led others in gaining exposure and experience in STEAM fields by conducting various hands-on activities and projects.
    Montgomery Upper Middle School, Skillman NJ

  • September 2017 - June 2021

    High School

    Montgomery High School, Skillman NJ. Graduating Class of 2021

    Submitted Projects in the Following Events:
    · Winner of Montgomery MontyHacks I with project 'NutriFit'.
    · Montgomery MontyHacks II with project 'SightSaver.tk'
    · Edison HackJA with project 'Revitalize'
    · Montgomery MontyHacks III with project 'Spark'

    · Completion of AP Computer Science A
    · FIRST Robotics Competition Student Volunteer
    · MTSD Science & Invention Convention Evaluator
    · Limited Working Proficiency in Spanish

  • September 2017 - June 2021

    FIRST Robotics Competition

    Team 1403 Cougar Robotics

    2 Years CAD Experience
    Design Sub-team member and Chairman's writing team.
    · 2019 Season Bridgewater-Raritan District event winner.
    · 2019 Season Montgomery District event finalist.
    · 2019 Season LeHigh District Championship Chairmans Winner.
    · 2019 Season Detroit World Championship's Archimedes Division, Rank 63.

    1 Year Project Management
    Captain of 1403's Business and Communications team from 2019-2020.
    · 2019 Season Mount Olive District Chairman's award winner.
    · 2019 Season LeHigh District Championship/Regional Chairman's award winner.
    · 2020 (Suspended season) Hatboro-Horsham District Chairman's award winner.

    1 Year Team Management
    Logistics Manager of Team 1403 from 2020-2021 of A/V, Business/Communications, Outreach and Strategy teams.
    · 2019 Season Mount Olive District Chairman's award winner.
    · 2019 Season LeHigh District Championship/Regional Chairman's award winner.
    · 2020 (Suspended season) Hatboro-Horsham District Chairman's award winner.

    Lead Editor of Cougar Robotics Website & Media
    · Cougar Robotics: https://cougarrobotics.com
    · Instagram: @team1403

  • October 2020 - Present

    Code Ninjas Hillsborough

    Hillsborough Branch, New Jersey

    Code Sensei
    · Mentored children ages 8 to 14 in programming on platforms such as Scratch, Code Combat, and the Code Ninja Game Development Platform (Javascript).
    · Ran weekly day camps on programming in Minecraft using MCreate for Java modding, and Minecraft's proprietary scripting commands.
    · Developed and hosted Minecraft servers for Java using the Google Cloud Compute Engine (VM).


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